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The Ramblings of a frustrated Lacrosse Fan


Imagine of CT HS Football didn’t have a play clock, teams would have no urgency to get to the next play especially if they are leading.  Now that would be great wouldn’t it – sitting in the cold watching 22 players just stand around and wait… Ahhh it doesn’t get any better just bring a lot of hot chocolate.


Well if you agree with the football play clock why wouldn’t you agree to a Lacrosse shot clock? 


We should institute a shot clock in high school lacrosse, I am not speaking of that invisible ridiculousness of the NCAA,I am speaking of a visible shot clock like they have in Major League Lacrosse. 


The other night I went to watch two of the premier teams in the state play in a semi final game – now I have to admit I was excited to see these two teams put on a clinic and entertain my short attention span.  Well,  let’s just say that didn’t come to fruition.  The two teams played what I would call very mediocre lacrosse, in fact, it was a rather boring game.  Off nightmaybe?  No it was a slow play nightmare.  There were more than a number of 2:00 plus minute possessions where a stall warning should have been called by the referees, but didn’t happen!  Now I am  a firm believer that you don’t want the referee deciding the game and a stall warning becomes very subjective based on which crew you have on the field.  That said, let's fix it!!


I would propose High School lacrosse institute a 90 second shot clock.  This would obviously speed up the game but would also change the overall dynamic allowing teams to gain possession if they have a good defense.  It would also do away with the need to touch in the box, there should still be a failure to advance call if a team is unable to get the ball over midfield line within 20 seconds but once over no more count just the shot clock.


Let's think this through,  will this benefit the game?  I say yes it will.


I know the purists would disagree but it would make the game more exciting and faster paced.  A shot clock would now turn the subjectivity stall warning by the refs to an objective rule the refs do not have to interpret.


In a game with 12-minute quarters to stall or to work the ball around the outside for 2 1/2 to three minutes just is ridiculous.   When or should I say "IF" the ref does call a stall warning a team can continue to  stall as long as they remain in the box.  A shot clock would also eliminate this nonsense.


It could help to equalize the possession game especially if you have an top notch faceoff guy by forcing a shot within 90 seconds - if - not turn over.


A shot clock will give teams the ability to manage the game easier without an embarrassing score or playing game of keep away.


A shot clock might also minimize the substitutions and force some players to play both ends of the field – Imagine that -  a complete player!



Lacrosse has often been called the fastest game on 2 feet,  lately it has been one of the slowest games with teams taking large chunks of time as a strategy to deny their opponent opportunity with the ball….boring!!!!!



I ask you again to imagine if there were no play Clock in football - the team that was leading  just standing around and not do anything until the refs tell them to line up, but,   they don’t have to snap the ball – that is lacrosse without a shot clock.

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