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Amity 90 - Shelton 70

After the biggest snowstorm so far this year, Amity traveled to Shelton to dual in the pool.  This meet was pretty simple in that Amity just out numbered the Gaels, the frontline swimmers battled but when it came to the 2-3-4-5 swimmers Amity had the edge.


Shelton’s Maleri,Wronski, Marciano and Chavez started with a win in the 200 MR with a time if 1:46.77.  Chavez had to jump back on the blocks for the 200 free but rest was an issue and Amity took 1-2 in the 200 Free led by  Kevin Yanagisawa with a 1:53.37.  Hunter Wronski took the 200 IM in convincing fashion, swimming a 2:06.67.  Colin Roy won the 50 Free in 23.07 but some thought he went faster but the cock showed 23.07 (check out @laxwormX to see the video of the 50 – you be the judge).


The 100 fly opened with a dual between Reid Chavez and Kevin Yanagisawa, which came down to the touch, and Yanagisawa came out on top with a 55.14.  Hunter Wronski went 50.90 to win the 100 free.  The 500 free was won by Jack Marciano of Shelton with a time of 5:29.66.


The 200 FRR went to the Shelton group of Cristiano, Musante,  and Marciano in a time of 1:40.00.  Tyler Roy won the 100 back in 1:01.67.  Matthew Christiano pushed the 100 breast to win the event in 1:10.93 followed by the Gaels team of Chavez, Maleri, Musante and Christiano winning the 400FRR in 3:47.17.  Amity won the meet 90-70

200 Medley Relay: S- 1:46.77 Marc Maleri, Hunter Wronski, Jack Marciano, Reid Chavez, 200 Freestyle: A- 1:52.37 Kevin Yanagisawa, 200 Ind. Medley: S- 2:06.97 Hunter Wronski, 50 Freestyle: A- 23.07 Colin Roy, 100 Butterfly: A- 55.14 Kevin Yanagisawa, 100 Freestyle: S- 50.90 Hunter Wronski, 500 Freestyle: S- 5:29.66 Jack Marciano, 200 Freestyle Relay: S- 1:40.00 Matthew Christiano, Sebastian Musante, Hunter Wronski, Jack Marciano, 100 Backstroke: A- 1:01.67 Tyler Roy, 100 Breaststroke: S- 1:10.93 Matthew Christiano, 400 Freestyle Relay: S- 3:47.17 Reid Chavez, Marc Maleri, Sebastian Musante, Matthew Christiano

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