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The Laxworm and Coach Bear Show

Laxworm and Coach Bear come together with a different kind of lacrosse show. If your looking for stats and scores this probably isn't the show for you, if your looking for in-depth interviews of games brightest minds and best players while tackling the hot issues of the sport then dive right in to listen. "We try to create an environment where we can get to know the person and with Bear's behind the scenes insights makes for an entertaining show", said Laxworm, he continued to say, "I love to just have conversations with the guests not upsetting the flow just like were hanging and talking". Bear Davis brings an element of knowledge and insight to the show. Bear's experience having coached at all levels and winning an MLL Championship as Head Coach of the Ohio Machine adds to the dynamic of the interviews at a different level. When asked about the show Bear said, "The blend between Laxworm's incredible journalistic view of the game and my personal relationship with the guest gives the listener a raw unedited lacrosse broadcast." The show airs live at 8pm Tuesdays and the podcast drops immediately to The Laxworm and Coach Bear Show page

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