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Second Cup of Coffee

Laxworm Media Company, LLC is excited to announce the debut of its newest show/podcast called Second Cup of Coffee. The new show, hosted by Mike “Laxworm” Sportini and Coach Bear Davis, will air on Friday mornings at 10am and will feature the legends of the sport of lacrosse who were instrumental in its growth. “Lacrosse is on its way to become one of the mainstream sports and these legends are the Ruth's, DiMaggio's and Cobb's of lacrosse.” Said Mike “Laxworm” Sportini. Co-Host Bear Davis added, “Something about vintage lacrosse with a second cup of coffee to kick of the weekend just sounded right.” Second Cup of Coffee will be an interview format show that will include stories, thoughts and opinions while reliving the nostalgia of the sport. “The history of lacrosse is fascinating and what could be better then those who wrote the history telling us first hand!” said Laxworm.

The first episode of Second Cup of Coffee will air Friday August 28th at 10am with guest Mark Millon.

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